2021 | Design : Izumi Yano / Hinastu Yamana | Art director Takuya Hiranoļ¼š
Scope : Competition | Dueration : 2 monthes | Tools : Illustrator / Photoshop

This poster was created with the aim of promoting the importance of trucks in daily life, enhancing social and economic status, and improving the industry's image. The annual domestic freight transport volume amounts to approximately 48 billion tons, with over 90% of it being handled by truck transportation. Many truck drivers are males aged 40 and above, and the shortage of younger drivers has become a concern. Within the poster, various individuals of different ages and genders are depicted to showcase diversity and strive for an improved image of the industry.

Initially, I conducted research on the current state of Japan's trucking industry and the trucks themselves. The findings revealed that trucks account for over 90% of the domestic freight transport volume, and a wide variety of trucks play crucial roles in this industry. From there, I decided to depict the diverse presence of trucks in our daily lives through a poster. To make trucks feel more familiar and to create a gentle impression, I opted to craft each truck individually out of paper.