2020 | Design : Izumi Yano
Scope : Semester project | Dueration : 2 monthes

Leaves are the magnets that suit for various users. Soft and beautifl shape adds variety to daily life.


Magnets easy to use for everyone


In order to find a shape that is user-friendly for users with various characteristics, I considered a design that can be easily pushed and detached. Additionally, I sought a form that looks aesthetically pleasing even when not perfectly organized, drawing inspiration from nature.


I made a model out of artificial wood, used it to make a mold, and poured resin into it.

Concept1_Use in your way

Users can take leaves in the way that suits each of them.For example even if a user can not frab objects, the user can take it by pushing it.

Concept2_Looks beautifle even if these are scatterd

Magnets are usually scatterd on a wall . However Leaves looks beautifl when it is scattered rather than when it is in oder.