"kobe ichiziku chutney"

2022 | Label design / illustratin : Izumi Yano | Art director : Takuya hirano
Scope : Ni san ga roku project | Dueration : 1 monthes | Tools : Illustrator / Photoshop

Kobe ichiziku chutney is developed by students in Kobe to promote figs which are grown in Kobe. The unique point of this fig is rural areas and towns are close in Kobe so farmers can provide fresh figs. This label shows in the morning of fig farm. From left, night begins to break. A farmer harvest figs at early morning. On the right, there is a town which figs are provided.

I created a prototype label in the actual size and considered it. I refined the design at the bottom.


I carved rubber plates and made prints. Then I imported them into Photoshop and made corrections and added colors.

I also created illustrations for the recipe book.